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IntelliSEM by RJ Lee Group:
A Paradigm Shift in SEM Solutions

ThermoFishers Best-in-Class SEM | RJ Lee Groups Best-in-Class Automation Software | Consulting with RJ Lee Groups Microscopy Experts

When best-in-class automation software and consulting are combined with best-in-class technology, you unlock a new level of value for innovation, speed and accuracy.

Dr. Richard Lee, Founder, RJ Lee Group

Why IntelliSEM


80 hours of consultation with microscopy experts


Optimized Workflow for Speed and Cost

IntelliSEM is built to capture and analyze data, and RJ Lee Group is here to help you make the most of the tools before you, at every step of the particle analysis and characterization process.


RJ Lee Group’s Legacy of Innovation


  • 1981 Air quality source apportionment using the Fingerprint/Ratio receptor model
  • 1986 QuickFix® for rapid TEM asbestos filter prep
  • 1987 24 hour TEM asbestos analysis shows innovation in sample analysis
  • 1988 Collection of microimages during a CCSEM analysis


  • 1993 Personal SEM introduced and shows democratizing SEM and EDX
  • 1996 GSR software package shows dedicated workflow
  • 1997 Air quality source apportionment using the Chemical Mass Balance receptor
  • 1998 WebSEM enables remote communication to PSEM via the Internet
  • 1999 DOE Industries of the Future award for characterization of inclusions in steel


  • 2001 Interactive SEM simulator (iSEM) for education
  • 2007 ASCAT (Automated Steel Cleanliness Analysis Tool) introduced
  • 2007 Passive Aerosol Sampler for air quality investigations
  • 2009 EPAS (Environmental Particle Analysis System) introduced


  • 2011 IntelliSEM 1.0
  • 2015 Thermophoretic Personal Sampler (TPS100) for nanoparticle applications
  • 2018 Air quality source apportionment using the Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) receptor model


  • 2020 IntelliSEM 2.0
  • 2022 Phase Separation Analysis (patent pending)

Utilized by best-in-class organizations and journals

Where Innovation Meets Application

Key Features

Key Applications

Pricing Innovation

Purchase the Scanning Electron Microscope and the software and receive up to 80 hours of consulting with our experts.
Use on Demand
Sampling Send your samples to RJ Lee Group and receive back the raw data.
Full Service Send your samples to RJ Lee Group and receive back the raw data PLUS our expert analysis.

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